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Why Hueco is like Pretzel Day

Hueco time is coming up soon. 12 days and a 1,239 mile drive are all that separates me from another week in one of my favorite places in the world (at least from the places I’ve been). Here’s why I’m pickin’ up what Stanley’s puttin’ down in his Pretzel Day spiel, and I feel like the climbers (especially the fresh graduates with new-found careers) will feel me on this one.

If you’re anything like me, your average day probably goes a little something like this. You start out with an alarm that goes off about 10 minutes earlier than you want it to every single morning. You wake up and grab a quick bite to eat and hop in the whip (no doubt a fierce, road-destroying 4-door sedan that would be the object of any middle-aged, comb-over-rocking-nobody’s envy, hopefully in a hyper-dope color like sea-foam green). You make a drive to work that somehow becomes less and less eventful every day. You probably get stuck behind a couple of school buses along the way. It’s okay, you’re a G, you’ll make up for it cause you will absolutely MERK on any yellow light that gets in your way. No mercy. Eventually, you make it to the office and settle into your desk for the long haul. You ask a co-worker how their day’s going and they respond with the typical “I’m still above ground, must be doin’ alright” or “Just another day in paradise”. You throw up in your mouth a little bit, but keep it together, cause Doug sent you a dope snapchat vid this morning with a psyche vid from the cold porcelain donut he’s warming up somewhere in the great white Northeast. For the next 4 hrs, you go hard in the paint on spreadsheets and call lists. Just when you think you’re about to explode, it’s 11:30, lunch time. Whip out that turkey sandwich, and since you splurged at the winn-dixie this week, you got muenster cheese on that B, now you’re on some serious N.L.S. homey. While you woof down the sandwich, yogurt, and banana, you manically browse through your usual list of climbing blogs. Catch a couple of mediocre vids on DPM, or maybe it’s a particularly good day and there’s some new footy of one of the mutants out in Colorado climbing some V-wicked project. Scope 8a real quick, “oh look, Adam logged something this weekend without topping out and took full points for it”, then you know what time it is. Hit that fool with some 8a-hatemail, because no doubt he’s paper-chasin’ just as hard as you are in his cubicle 300 miles away, and we all know there’s nothing a climber loves more than opening up his 8a inbox only to find some mockery from a friend. 12:00 rolls around, the sandwich is gone and the post-lunch cup o’ joe is making real quick work of your GI system. Hightail it to the king’s throne and enjoy 15 minutes of silence and phone games while you drop bombs. Now that you’ve prolonged your stay in the oval office as long as reasonable, it’s time to trudge back to the desk and make the bossman happy. Turn up the Black Keys radio (to an appropriate listening volume, of course) and get back after it, son. There are documents to be printed/stapled, spreadsheets to be cleaned up, and clients to solicit. Another 4.5 hrs pass with relative ease, thanks to brain-numbing tasks and a little help from the homies on g-chat. It’s 4:45 now, and the end is in sight. You start to label your file folders, organize your pencils, or anything else that will keep your eyes from being glued to the clock for the next 15 minutes. 4:53. On the home stretch. OH NOOOOOOOO here comes bossman to remind you of that thing he told you to do but you forgot because you were daydreaming about how you can dyno like Jimmy Webb when really you’re just a mediocre slab climber, and now he needs it before the end of the day and you already shut down your computer but you gotta make it happen because you don’t have enough vacation left to cover the climbing trip you reaaaaaaalllly wanna take at the end of the year and you need to come out of this week smellin’ like roses, yadiddamean? So you bear down. You type with a fury of a Kenyan trackstar/death metal guitarist on bath salts. By 5:14 you’ve got it all wrapped up. Boom, save, submit, handled. Later boss, hasta manana. Your sanity is slowly being restored as you walk down the hall, out the door, into the parking garage, and finally settle into the cloth seat of your “musclecar”. You pull the ipod out, and bump “Forgot About Dre” to get amped up on the short drive to the climbing gym. You roll in, change out of your khaki’s and button-down shirt, and unleash every ounce of frustration you can muster from the long day on the red taped problem, only to punt the last move 4 times. You salvage the session by climbing every V3 in the gym and maybe even hitting a quick hangboard/abs session before you hop back in the sea-foam-green-4-cylinder-road-devouring-hellbeast and drive back to your 1 bed/1 bath apartment. At least it’s late enough that you missed rush hour traffic, probably because you stayed at the gym way longer than you should have. When you get back home, you quickly whip together something for dinner and settle in for a couple of episodes of Always Sunny or Futurama or Trailer Park Boys or one of the few other remaining decent TV shows on Netflix. Before long, it’s 10:00, and you know if you don’t get to bed soon, 5:45’s gonna be hard to deal with. The next morning, your alarm goes off about 10 minutes earlier than you hoped…

Life goes on like this for most days of most weeks. Sure, after 5 days, we get the ever-welcome weekend, which offers a couple of days of relief (assuming it’s not raining both days, which seems to be the norm in the DUUURURRRRRRRTTTYYYYY SOUFFFFFF). For the most part, though, it’s just enough to keep us truckin’ through another work week.

Then there’s Hueco week.

One week every year, for the past few years, I’ve made it a point to hop in the sea-foam-green-speed-machine and drive out West. We start driving at 3 or 4 PM and finish driving at 3 or 4 PM the next day. The destination? The home of the pumpiest, juggiest, longest, most-sickest roof climbs imaginable. The windy, dusty, quiet, hot-then-cold, bizarre, desolate, amazing desert. The Mecca of American bouldering. Hueco Tanks State Park and Historical Site.

For a week, school doesn’t matter. Work doesn’t matter. I’m approaching my mid-20’s furiously still lacking any sort of serious relationship with a member of the fairer sex, but that doesn’t matter. Childhood George would be enraged that I’m not an astronaut driving a Corvette with Cindy Crawford on my arm, but he’d be proud this week. This week? It’s Hueco week… and I like Hueco week.

Here’s a couple of our old Hueco vids and one from a friend, Michael Rosato. I hope everybody reading this (both of you) finds their Hueco Week, whatever that may be.

Happy trails.


Is It Winter Yet?

Me and Adam went to Arkansas. We made a video! My feet cut.

Arkansas definitely lived up to expectations. Can’t wait to get back and put some time into harder climbs out there. Kung Fu is rad. I enjoyed the Ranch as much as Hueco. The only bummer is the volatile weather… you have to go so far west to get away from the precipitation…

Speaking of Hueco, we’ve got a trip coming up at the end of this month! Other than that there’s not a lot of action on the radar besides work and climbing on that sweet southeastern sandstone as often as weather permits. I’ve got my work cut out for me in the durty souf this winter. If it’ll get cold and dry for a few weekends in a row there’s bound to be some sick-nasty sendage. Still grade chasin’ that elusive 7A+… bands a’ make her dance, let’s get it son.

Happy trails.

Updatin’ Blogs is Stupid

Between the last time I posted and now, a lot has happened.  This is not to include me doing any hard rock climbs or editing loads of sweet videos, and especially does not include me ending my season-epic Apocalypse Prow up in Boone (surely nobody has done that hike more than me this year).  I went to Rocktown (a bunch), went to Boone (a bunch), went to Hueco*, went to Rumbling Bald (never again!), graduated college**, went to the Red***, got a job, and now I’m going fishing.

I did finally finish up the Hueco video.  Here it is.  2 months, a new record.


There is also a video of me putting down one of my long time projies (Pit!) up at Rumbling Bald, so be on the lookout for that now that I’ve got the Hueco video out to satisfy the needy masses.

*I did Moonshine Roof, only took me three years.  I rule

**With honors, I rule

***Rain, good thing I was strong enough to climb all the overhanging 5.12’s there****, I rule


‘Tis the Season

So the weekends I haven’t spent climbing at the Triple Crown have all been invested in hiking and projecting at the local spots around Hwy 11.  Here’s some pics of some stuff I’ve found in the area, though it’s mostly blank, hard, tall, or some combination of the three.

Dylan checking the roof for holds.  There ain’t none, I chipped ’em all off.

Highball slab in SC, shocker.

50 feet tall and blank *sigh*.  Maybe an opportunity for something on the right face, but it would have to be TR’ed.  Or maybe you could plug some cams?!  WHOOOOOO

New line I found and cleaned up to find that I can’t do the first move.  Looks like I’ll have to recruit a strong friend to come do it.  Big first move to a sloping edge traverse to jugs.  Hope the start hold doesn’t break with my fat arse trying to pull on.

Eric taking a stroll up a new classic in the Bearfields, Alley Oop Scoop (V3/4).

I’ve got some footage that I’ll post up soon of a little circuit of old and new lines I’ve been running up there that’s actually really nice.  The trail day is up there this weekend, it will be nice to see folks up there cleaning the area up and getting into the local boulders.

After stuffing my gullet last weekend for Thanksgiving with the fam, I made a trip up to Rocktown and Zahnd with Brazell to take advantage of the surprisingly cool temps (highs were in the 40’s!)

We spent Saturday opening up new projects for the coming season.  Brazell put some effort into the Womb (V10), Blackout (V9/10), and Swamp Sauce (V8) (which he was kind enough to leave unfinished so that we had a reason to go back down to Blue) while I punted off of Blue (V6), Big Bad (V5), and realized that the finger is not close to allowing me to get back on Nose Candy (V6).  I did manage to put down the line to the right of The Hobbit, Full Circle (V4/5) as well as doing some thing to the left of the Womb that was pretty dumb and a new warmup in the orb area that was real nice.

We went to Zahnd on Sunday as soon as we woke up and warmed up so Brazell could try Harvest Moon (V8) and I could put some effort in Chisel Chest (V5) and Razor’s Edge (V6).  Unfortunately we didn’t do any of those problems (typical) but Brazell did do the low start to Razor’s Edge, Gillette (V7/8) and I did a rad problem around the corner called Bear Hug (V3).

As it gets colder, I have a revised (long) list of things I would like to do this season (or next season, or whenever I get strong).  It’s similar to my New Year’s resolutions list from last year with the addition of some new ones and removal of a few I decided I was less psyched on…


Getcha Some (V5), Uniball (V4), Mortal Kombat (V4), Trick or Treat (V6), and Honky Tonkin (V4).  Most of these should be pretty reasonable this year, considering I can sack up on Mortal Kombat and catch Trick or Treat on a cold enough day.


This area houses my longest list, and I hope to spend the most time here this year.  The Hobbit (V5), Croc Block (V5), Little Bad (V4/5), Big Bad (V5), Blue (V6), Nose Candy (V6… need a working finger…), Pythagorean Theorem (V4, accdg to the new guide book…), Sinus (V3/5/wrong name?  Left of Pythagorean), Iron Claw (V7, hopeful…), Slaper (V5) and Soap on a Rope (V4/12).


My list is shorter here this year, mostly harder stuff I would like to break through with.  Special Agent (V7), Grimace (V7/8), SPACE (V8), White Trash (V5), and Rage (V5, still punting off the topout holds).

Rumbling Bald (ugh)

Maybe I’ll do some of these if I ever decide to go back to the land of the anti-George.  Pit BBQ (V6), Lewis Lunge (V5, will not happen with my finger as it is…), Green Knob (V5), and the sit? V7?  People say it’s not much harder?


Equally psyched on here and Rocktown.  Which is convenient, considering they’re basically next door to each other, minus a 30 minute drive down the worst road ever.  Razor’s Edge (V6), Chisel Chest (V5), Turret (V3/4?) and Solar Flare (V3, bad end of the day climbing going on here last weekend…)  Real pumped to get back.


Throttle (V5, finally close on this thing), West Texas (V3), Beasley’s Face (V5), Nitrous Oxide (V5), M1 (V3, ugh), Mighty Mouse (V5, ugh), Haptos (V4).  Probably getting too cold up there right about now.  Maybe next year, or maybe we’ll have another freak warm weekend and I’ll get back up there again.


Everything.  Lobster Claw (V5), Moonshine Roof (V4), Sign of the Cross (V3) are priority.  There are lots more, but these need to happen quick next time or I’m gonna lose it.

I’ve got a list of lines locally that I want to do also, but I’ll keep those to myself for now (since nobody cares what my slab projects are anyway) and fill you in as they happen.

That’s enough blogging for one morning.  Before you slam it, fram it.


Southern Ascents

Like all of my posts, I will start this one by apologizing to anyone reading for the lack of posts.

I finally finished editing some footage from last season just in time for a competition the American Alpine Club and Misty Mountain are holding during Triple Crown. Here’s the vid me and Adam are submitting, Southern Ascents (see what we did there?):

Southern Ascents from George Evans on Vimeo.

So this past weekend was the first leg of Triple Crown at Hound Ears and I was finally in (semi) healthy form and was able to climb some things I wanted to climb. Adam, Andy, and Greg all crushed, as did the rest of the crew. I’ll let you chase down their scorecards if you’re interested in knowing exactly what they sent (think of it like some sort of fun interactive blog post where you get to do more). The two highlights for me were the Heretic and the Claw (kind of totally different styles). The Heretic might be the most fun I’ve had in Boone. 20ish feet tall with a cruxy first move and a dicey move to the lip off of a crimp. It was excellent. The Claw was a nice face climb right behind Fuc Yo with really cool incuts up a tall face to an easy topout. Classic. I spent the rest of the day checking out the rest of the field and groveling falling off the Nudge, which is a terrible impossible v4 mantle that nobody’s ever done. Big shout out to those who put it on and make those events possible, they are awesome. The next leg (at LRC/Stone Fort) is next weekend, looking forward to it. I’ve got high hopes for that one. Happy trails.

Hueco Tanko

So last week we took off and ditched the warm, humid southern spring to hit up the dryer (with the exception of one day of sandstorming-blizzard-rainfest) Texas weather in the legendary Hueco Tanks State Park.  Anybody that reads this blog with any regularity is probably familiar with the New Years resolution list I put up a few months ago, and might remember that I had a list of problems from Hueco that I wanted to do this year when I went back.  To make a long, whiny story short, I didn’t put down a single problem on that list.  This is partially due to the fact that I didn’t get to a couple of them, but primarily due to the fact that problems in Hueco are hard.  I certainly tried Sign of the Cross (V3) and Ghetto Simulator (V2/5.13d as far as I’m concerned), but left both for a future trip.   Moonshine Roof (V4) also proved to be a pump-fest that spat me off the lip several times on our only day on East Mountain.  Lobster Claw (V5) was another that spat me off after sticking the crux from the start, and Wicicala Cave (V5) is just straight hard.  The new problems that I did somehow manage to do went as follows (to avoid the spray, skip past the bullets straight to the video).

  • V-Obsession (V5) – Cooler problem than I gave it credit for, looked sharp but turns out you hardly use the intimidating holds at all.
  • Girls of Juarez (V4) – Classic hueco roof jug pulling, and better than the 2 stars in the guidebook suggest.  The landing looks a bit spooky, but really turns into nothing with a couple pads and the best spotter in the southeast behind you (I’m giving you the stick Adam). 
  • Walrus in a Blender (V5) – One big move that finishes into a classic V2.  Cool horizontal dyno into a one handed swing on a super positive jug though, unlike anything else I’ve done outside.  
  • Choss Training (V3) – Bit of an epic.  Tried on the last trip, thought it would be a cake walk this year.  This turned out not to be the case.  I spent three days throughout the trip trying the big one-two-jump beta from the huge foot down low and got reaaaaal close that way, but eventually had to unlock some whack beta with a lil’ crimp pinch and some higher feet.  Finally did this thing on the last day, with the ranger honking  her horn at us to get out of the park.  Everybody else did it in their approach shoes.  Shout out to Ashima, whose tiny-hold usage was an inspiration to this no-jumping oaf.  Also, thanks to Dougie Fresh for walking back across the mountain to this thing with me for a last ditch effort.  IT’S TUESDAY, HERSH!

So with the blathering about my 4 new sends behind us, I’ll leave the two people who’ve made it this far through the post with a video me and Adam put together (which, for once, I’ve managed to finish editing in less than 6 months).

Problems featured are V-Obsession (V5), Girls of Juarez (V4), Moonshine Roof (V4), Coffee Achiever (V5), and Free Willy (V10).

New Years Resolutions

1) Quit peeing out of my butt (probably due to drinking expired milk and eating dumpster pizza, mmmmm).
2) Climb some new boulder problems. Unfortunately, I was absent minded enough to delete my old blog without copying over the long list of boulders I wanted to climb. That list has changed a bit anyway, so here’s a bit of an updated wish list:

Rocktown, GA

1) Golden Shower – V5 – Great problem. Glad to have done it. Probably more like 4/5, but took a lot of effort from me regardless. Really pretty face.

2) Soap on a Rope – V4

3) Island of Beautiful Women – V3/4?

4) Pythagorean Theorem – V5

5) Nose Candy – V6

Stone Fort, TN

1) The Wave   – V6 – So psyched to tick this one off.  It will take some convincing for me to take V5 on this thing.  Caught it in perfect weather.

2) Manute Bol – V5 – Took the wave V6, felt guilty for taking this one too, so I won’t.  Feels tough for me, don’t think my body fits these moves really well… nice prob.

3) Super Mario Ext. – V6

4) Shotgun – V6 – 1/15/2012 – Awesome. First V6, and glad it was. Very fun boulder problem.

5) Ghengis Khan – V5

6) Space – V8 – SHUT UP, I do what I want

7) Two Shoes Jack – V4 – In actuality, probably at least 3 grades harder than space

8) Rage – V5 – Fell after the crux on the topout jugs of this thing yesterday (1/15), looking forward to getting back.

Horse Pens 40, AL

1) Getcha Some – V5

2) Hammerhead – V5 – 3/4/2012 – Wow.  Didn’t expect to do this thing anytime soon.

3) Mulletino to the lip – V4/5 – 1/6/2012 – “George, did you take V5 on your scorecard?” You will ask, and I will say “Yes, but then I went back and changed it to 4/5 cause I felt guilty”.  Glad to have it done, not worth whatever it did to my shoulder. OUCH

4) Trick or Treat – V6 – Can’t win it if ye ain’t in it SON!

5) Mortal Kombat – V4

6) Boogey Wonderland – V4 – 3/4/2012 – Still couldn’t tell you how I ended up on top of this thing.  Ridiculous

7) Uniball – V4

8) Green Lantern – V3 – 1/6/2012 – One hard arse V3

9) Orca – V3 – 3/4/2012 – Finally felt like V3

10) Horsepower – V3 – 3/4/2012 – Didn’t feel even remotely like V3, maybe V6?

11) Popeye – V5

Boone, NC

1) West Texas – V3

2) Pullin Teeth – V4 – 8/21/2012 – Feels like V5. Hard and a nice gauge of how my finger’s (hopefully) going to hold up this season.

3) Mighty Mouse – V5 – Ambitions

4) Haptos – V4

5) Patio Arete – V4

6) M1 – V3 – Scares the nuts off of me, I hate rockovers

7) Nitrous Oxide – V5

8) Throttle – V5 – Would mark a bigtime progression for me.  Really want to do this one.

9) The Fin – V5 – Got close on this one, just couldn’t keep it together to finish.

Rumbling Bald, NC

1) Lewis Lunge – V5

2) The Sail – V4

3) Pit BBQ – V6

4) Grease Pit – V5 2/18/2012 – Can’t take 6 on this thing… feels every bit of V5 to me though.  Lewis Lunge is hard…

5) Brackish One – V4

6) Slave Driver – V3 – 1/4/2012 – Can’t decide if this or Genesis is the hardest V3 of all time

7) Campus Problem – V5

Hueco Tanks

1) Sign of the Cross – V3 – Hueco Tanks, should go without saying.  Need to do this if I go back…

2) Moonshine Roof – V4 – Will also be a major goal if I make it back to Hueco this year.

3) Bodysnatchers – V4

4) Lobster Claw – V5 – Would be nice to send V5 in Hueco, though it doesn’t seem likely.

5) Wicicala Cave – V5

6) Ghetto Simulator – V2 – Didn’t walk down to this one last trip, need to make sure it happens this year.

7) T- Bone Shuffle – V4

8) Jingus Bells – V5- Not sure how my balls will feel when I’m standing under this one, but it looks incredible.

Other Stuff

1) Riverfront – V5 – At Cumberland, one of the prettiest problems I’ve ever seen…

I plan to add/tick from this list as new problems come and (hopefully) go.  This is more for myself than for the 2 people reading this, but who knows, maybe this list will get someone else psyched to hit up these areas and try these problems.

Fall Break at Horse Pens

This weekend marked our first “cool weather” trip to HP40 of the season.

I put the words “cool weather” in quotes because it was 70-something instead of 90-something out.  Still not ideal, but not unmanageable either.  We went down with a good crew, consisting of myself, Adam, Doug, Dale, Sarah, Beth Ann (AKA B.A. Baracus), and Kristin (who drives a car with a pink Browning sticker on it).

We rolled in late Friday night and started the now ritual procedures involved with a weekend at Horse Pens:

1. B.S. around the campfire (or lantern if there’s 8 zillion people from Florida State overtaking the campground) until we fall asleep.

2. Wake up and high-tail it to Huddle House to hang out with the locals and shovel big house platters down our gullets.

3. Head back to Horse Pens and prep for the day.

4. Warm up at Ten Pins and make our way into the field, realizing that Huddle House was a bad choice.

5. Finish the day having sent everything in the field wrecked our tips (and in Doug’s case, worn them down to straight bone).

6. Make our way to Mi Casita to listen to Mi-Casita-oke (bad country karaoke) and eat Cowboy Quesadillas (a feast that can bring any grown man to his knees in tears, a pound of justice, if you will).

This weekend everybody managed a solid send or two.  I’ll try to keep it brief and close up the post with some pics and a vid.

Adam: Old Man Johnson has done pretty much everything at Horse Pens already, but he repeated Hammerhead (V5) and managed to find a new send in Orca (V3) which was found to be super classic a rarely done gem a very goofy boulder problem.

Dale: Also sent Orca, pulled off a send of Hammerhead (worse than orca, according to Dale), as well as putting down the classic Earth Wind and Fire (V3) and a couple other easy (for him) problems such as Brawn (V3), Honky Tonkin’ (V4) and this really cool thing left of Genesis that’s not in the guidebook (at least not as an un-eliminate).

Doug: Doug pretty much came into this trip with the worst looking fingertips of all time, but somehow managed to repeat Litz Pocket Problem (V8) for the video and get some work done on Suspicion (V8) and Message from the Masters (V8) which he’ll do in cooler weather.

Sarah, B.A. Baracus, and Kristin all cruised up the Groove problems around the corner from Honky Tonkin’ as well as putting down sends of Silky (V0), the super fun problem at Ten Pins.

As for myself, I finally put down Genesis (V3), which had been manhandling me for some time now, as well as the Beach (V4), Brawn (V3), Red Arrow (V3), and the Sandbox (V2), easily my proudest send of all time.  The king line, the line beckoning to be climbed.  I also demolished my forearms scrambling trying to send Orca (no go) and made some progress on Centerpede, which should go when it’s a bit cooler.

I’m thinking of taking up a bit of a new hobby in photography if I can figure it out.  Here’s a few of my first shots that I snapped with Adam’s cameras (thanks bruh) to test the waters.

Doug on Message from the Masters (V8)

Austin Ouyang (who we met on the trip) sending Suspicion (V8)

Dale, doing something (V16)

And here’s a little vid of the unknown thing next to Genesis, Genesis, and Litz Pocket Problem.

(p.s. it will look better in HD on vimeo!)

Happy trails.

Psyche is High

Yesterday was the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown at The Stone Fort/LRC. 

And it ended up being a pretty awesome trip for all involved.  Sure the temps left a bit to be desired, but I’ll take 75 and sunny over 35 and sleeting any day of the week.  It was also nice to get to climb the problems on the 18th hole, big ups to the organizers for arranging that yesterday.  It was really cool to be able to climb problems we only get one shot at a year.

Strangely enough, the temps didn’t seem to keep anybody (at least from the Clemson crew) from having the best days we’ve ever had outside. I’ll try to piece together the crew’s scorecard (at least the new stuff) as well as I can… but I’m pretty much guaranteed to leave some stuff out.

Doug managed to win men’s advanced, obtain some swag, and pull off a ninja-roll/high-kick/bruce-banner-shirt-rip combo on stage with my favorite shirt.  He pieced together a very impressive scorecard ticking off Robbin the Toothfairy (V9), Dr. Atkinson (V8), and Blind Spot (V7), as well as a flash of Now and Zen (V7).  I can’t recall exactly what the rest of his scorecard was made up of, but I’m sure it was worthy, as evidenced by his skin.

Adam put down Frumundathunda, Rage, Sternum, and The Coven (all V5’s) as well as repeating Super Mario (V4), Midway (V7), and Shotgun (V6), and a handful of others (which was enough to get him bumped from intermediate).

Dale (soon to be Dr. Dale), sent his project, A Face in the Crowd Sit (V7) really quickly.  He also did Diesel Power (V5/6?) and repeated Shotgun (V6), and a whole bunch of V5’s (as well as sending some new ones, though I can’t remember what all he did…).

I also ended up climbing substantially better than I thought I would.  I picked up some anti-inflammatory pills prescribed for my little finger tweak and apparently they did the trick.  I ended the day with 12 new boulder problems (I’ll let my spraycard fill you in) as well as a few repeats.  The highlight of the day for me was my flash of The Coven (V5), a cool horse pens-esque problem on the 18th hole, which was open only for the comp.  I’m sure it’s soft, but it seemed to suit me pretty well, so who knows.  Guess I can’t whine about the finger anymore or I’ll end up with landscaping duty.

I feel like I should apologize for the lack of media from the triple crown, but I won’t because I think rock climbing is more fun than making movies.  Hopefully the stupid links in my post make up for my laziness.

Looking forward to Horse Pens, happy trails.

Pressing it Out/LRC Daytrip


The three people reading this that know who I am are scratching their heads and wondering “what is huckleberry george doing on wordpress?!?!”  Well to be perfectly honest, blogger just wasn’t doing it for me.  I was having an issue with media on the old site and decided instead of remedying it, I would just give up and start over fresh.  The name of the blog is largely insignificant other than a little climbing/blognews pun.   To get you up to speed if you haven’t been following up to now, here’s a link to my vimeo page, where you’ll find a bit of a recap of what I’ve been up to for the past 2 or 3 years.

As for recent news, myself, Doug Ianuario, and Adam Johnson made a trip to Little Rock City/The Stone Fort in Soddy Daisy, TN for our 2nd sandstone trip of the season.  The weather is cooling off quickly and hopefully it will be down in the low-mid 70’s in the next week or so.  I had some unfinished business with Art of the Vogi (V4) from last year, so that was my first stop and I managed to put it away in a few goes.  Here’s a vid:

Art of the Vogi from George Evans on Vimeo.

Doug managed to do all the moves on IDYC (V9), but the send will have to wait until another day.  Adam managed to put down Diesel Power (V56) pretty quickly, which looked stout for sure.  The only other noteworthy sends on my part were Dragon Lady (V4) and Ribcage (V3).  Neither were pretty, but they ended with me standing on top, which is good enough by me.  The day ended up being a blast, and the Zaxby’s waiting at the bottom of the hill couldn’t have been better.

The Hound Ears leg of the Triple Crown is coming up in less than two weeks, and I was getting pretty excited up until yesterday.  I pulled off the ground on a problem in the gym and felt a POP in my left ring finger, which ended my session quickly.  Hopefully a week of rest and taking it easy will end with it feeling good Saturday after next.

Anyway, that’s about where I stand sit now, on the couch whining about my finger and watching American Pickers reruns.  If there’s anything you do/don’t want to see on the new blog, please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an e-mail at

Happy trails, and remember, this guy loves you.