Monthly Archives: November 2013

Rainy Weekend

2.5 months since I last updated… typical huckleberry B.S. It’s been pretty much business as usual lately. Working more than I care to, climbing until i can’t move most weekends… The name of the game up until now has been moderates, but I’m holding out hope that this season is the season that George finally does a hard boulder problem.

There are a few distinct highlights from the last few months, I’ll try to get you guys up to speed.

1. I did sandbox naked again, just as proud as the first time (Adam, you owe me $3, don’t forget the standing bet). Boulderween, if you haven’t been before, is something everyone should be a part of at some time in their life.

2. I finally gave in and star-chased at Triple Crown and it was a blast. Ryan Copeland destroyed us mortals, of course, but I managed to squeak out with 3rd place and walk away with some swag (new slider pad and a pair of 5.10’s!*) The final count: 74 probs, 125 stars. Good times on good stone.k

3. I climbed one off the life list (I wouldn’t spray, but I… no I probably would). Mulletino! I did it to the arete a couple years ago and never gave the topout much thought but damned if it’s not worth doing. Rad airy finish on techy slopers after 15 feet of steep jug hawlin’… gimme.

4. I need a second hobby. Rainy weekends bring me to borderline suicide watch. Open to suggestions for warm-weather/rainy days. “Move to Colorado” doesn’t count, but thanks for trying… It doesn’t even have to be outside, I just need something besides “go drink” or “watch football”. Help

5. I finally chased down the last of the “best of the best” v4’s in the HP40 guide which was a kind of exciting moment. Adam Henry certainly puts you up some sketchy stuff if you wanna fill out all the classic ticks in his guidebook. I guess the V5’s are next, meaning Space is gonna have to get done at some point or another… pads/psyche, friends?

Ready for the holiday season, lots of food, lots of cold weather, and topping out some boulders.

Happy trails.

*sold, whatup La Spo, lemme get that shoe deal