Monthly Archives: August 2013

Bama Lyfe ‘Bo

It’s been a couple months! Kinda hard to believe, it feels like they’ve flown by. I’m more or less settled in now and am kinda figuring out how to climb enough to keep me sane when I’m not working (most of it was deciding to throw the thought of having non-climber friends out the window). Homies from Clemson have been pretty good about coming down to visit, so that’s been nice.

First of all, college football has started back today and I’ve got an idea.  It’ll be like those radio shows where the 91st caller wins something, except it’ll be to see who the next person to say “roll tide” to me is, and the prize will be a surprise bicycle kick to the nuts.  Sports!


First few holds on Mulletino, a line I appear to be destined never to repeat.

In other news from HP 40, I didn’t do a single move on The Flow (to include the V4 exit).  It’s hot and I hate bugs.  I’ve also spent 3 or 4 trips trying a stupid dyno next to the Thespian that all my friends do easily, without feet cutting, blah blah blah but George will never do.  I miss the days when Adam hadn’t done Millipede.

On the upside, I’ve been trying to clean up all the V3’s in the guidebook this summer and it’s put me on some pretty good stuff.  My favorite that I probably wouldn’t have gotten on otherwise (so far) is Ain’t Skeered, right behind the Front Slabs.  This thing is tall and sweet, with cool holds and moves to a committing loooong final pull to the lip, just as your holds sort of run out.  A recipe for awesome.  I’ll try to put a camera on it before too long since there’s not much out there on that one.

Here’s a video from Adam of a weekend at Horse Pens a while back.  I try Ain’t Skeered at the end of the vid and get skeered.  I earned my sticker now though. I think Jamry will look quite nice with a full-rear-window sized ain’t skeered sticker. Might go ahead and get the confederate flag painted on my roof while I’m at it…


I went on an exploratory mission to Oak Mtn. State Park, which is huge, but doesn’t seem to have much going on by the way of cliffline/boulders.    That said, it looks like if you’re into mountain biking, there’s no better place around.  There are trails for miles and they seem to be pretty well maintained.  Maybe next summer I’ll actually pick up a hobby that allows me to do something besides mope around and watch king of the hill reruns when weather’s not favorable for climbing.


Peavine Falls up at Oak Mtn. State Park.  Nice n’ easy .4 mi approach to a pretty cool area (lacking only in the fact that the rock there didn’t really lend itself to climbing, which renders the area pretty much useless to me.


Just exploring around my apartment in hopes of finding a couple boulders.


A few boulders at an athletic complex near my apartment.  Unfortunately not too much to get excited about with the exception of one big boulder overhanging on 2 sides.  There’s a picture of it 3 pics down.


More from the athletic complex.


Some pretty sweet orange shrooms I couldn’t help but stop and check out.


This boulder seems to hold the most promise at the athletic complex near my apt.  I saw what looked like a little bit of chalk on it and it’s right off of the parking lot, so I’m sure it’s been climbed on before but it looks like there’s potential for a handful of decent lines if the moss/ivy come off.


I also made it out to roped climb once (well, twice, but we won’t count the horrendous rain-fest of a weekend we had in Knoxville where I clipped two bolts on some .12c and retreated to the gym for the remainder of the trip).  A fella named Mark from the gym was kind enough to take me out and show me the Gray Wall in Little River Canyon, which is loaded up with good lines, as long as 5.11 and up is in your wheelhouse.  The canyon is HUGE!  Seems like there’s tons of climbing there, and surely a bit that remains to be developed.  It’s just reallllly hard to find your way around if you don’t have somebody with you who knows where they’re going.  That said, if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and an adventurous side, it seems like it would be worth your while to go check it out.

Summer’s a bummer.  Ready for the cool temps this fall/winter! I’ll post up my list of climbing ambitions for the season before too long for those who care to read/laugh at my struggle to complete it.