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The Big Move, Employment, and Sweat

I’ve relocated! You’ll remember (probably not) from my last post that I recently graduated college (in a quick 6 years) with a degree in civil engineering from Clempsun University.


I have spirit, but more importantly, I get to spray about a rock climb I did late in the season up at Rumbling Bald. Pit BBQ chewed me up, spat me out, and forced me to skip school and work on a Tuesday, but we finally made it happen and I’ve got a dab-free video to prove it. Enjoy the self-promotional, flip-video quality nonsense! Couldn’t have done it without the spot/motivation from Dylan, who was beating me to all my hardest ascents right before I left Clemson.

Pit BBQ from George Evans on Vimeo.

Anyway, shortly after graduation, I got word that I would be brought on to the estimating department of Brasfield and Gorrie, one of the largest general contractors in the state of AL. I packed up and spent a couple of weeks at home, then rented a U-HAUL and towed the Jamry down to B-town*, A.K.A. Birm-city*, A.K.A. the HAM*, or more specifically Trussville, where I’ll be located indefinitely. So far I love the area. Work is good, the gym (First Ave. Rocks!) is great, and the climbing in the area is stellar. I’m just down the road about 35-40 mins from HP40, so if you get down that way, come visit me, I finally bought plates. I’ll make you broccoli!

I’ve already scribbled down a little summer circuit that I hope to run at HP40, where I’ll be fighting an onslaught of greasy holds, stingy-buzzy-things, aggressive plants, and nutsweat. However, I’ll be so unbearably strong by this winter, all those brats onsighting 5.16c at the red won’t know what hit them. By January, I will have climbed Slider naked.

*For the record, I don’t think anybody actually calls Birmingham any of these things.