Monthly Archives: May 2013

Updatin’ Blogs is Stupid

Between the last time I posted and now, a lot has happened.  This is not to include me doing any hard rock climbs or editing loads of sweet videos, and especially does not include me ending my season-epic Apocalypse Prow up in Boone (surely nobody has done that hike more than me this year).  I went to Rocktown (a bunch), went to Boone (a bunch), went to Hueco*, went to Rumbling Bald (never again!), graduated college**, went to the Red***, got a job, and now I’m going fishing.

I did finally finish up the Hueco video.  Here it is.  2 months, a new record.


There is also a video of me putting down one of my long time projies (Pit!) up at Rumbling Bald, so be on the lookout for that now that I’ve got the Hueco video out to satisfy the needy masses.

*I did Moonshine Roof, only took me three years.  I rule

**With honors, I rule

***Rain, good thing I was strong enough to climb all the overhanging 5.12’s there****, I rule