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Deuces 2012

Well, 2012 is over, which means:

a) I’ll be 23 soon, another foot in the grave…

b) I’ll be graduating from Clemson in 5 months or so

c) I need a job soon

d) It’s time for a tick list evaluation

Since Christmas, I’ve made a handful of trips to the Chattanooga/North Georgia area to dispatch a good bit of stuff from my most recent list, especially from Rocktown.  Even managed to do a couple unexpected classics along the way…  I’ll leave the spray up to my scorecard (and yes, as a matter of fact, there are people out there logging easy rock climbs…) It’s funny how it feels like doing one boulder problem (Throttle, in my case) can send the season in the right direction.   So after a couple 1/2 week or week-long climbing trips, I came back to Lexington to go to my roommate Jon’s wedding.  I got word that it was raining in Chatty from some friends, and decided to make it a late night and go do some karaoke with the Lex-bros at Main St. Bar and Grill.  We wished Jon and Liz the best, met the black Lt. Dan (who told us Richard Pryor jokes and directed our pursuit of the fairer sex), and I exploded my knee singing the Darkness.  I’m not sure what exactly happened to it, but it hurt like hell yesterday.  Improvement today was exponential.  Hopefully it’s a minor speedbump in an otherwise successful season.


I’ll be heading back to Clemson after I publish this post, to chill out and unpack for a day while I get ready for the next semester, which I hope will be as light as it’s supposed to be.  12 hours, an english class… pretty excited to see what the next semester holds.  2012 was pretty rad, and I’d be stoked if 2013 was half as good.