New Years Resolutions

1) Quit peeing out of my butt (probably due to drinking expired milk and eating dumpster pizza, mmmmm).
2) Climb some new boulder problems. Unfortunately, I was absent minded enough to delete my old blog without copying over the long list of boulders I wanted to climb. That list has changed a bit anyway, so here’s a bit of an updated wish list:

Rocktown, GA

1) Golden Shower – V5 – Great problem. Glad to have done it. Probably more like 4/5, but took a lot of effort from me regardless. Really pretty face.

2) Soap on a Rope – V4

3) Island of Beautiful Women – V3/4?

4) Pythagorean Theorem – V5

5) Nose Candy – V6

Stone Fort, TN

1) The Wave   – V6 – So psyched to tick this one off.  It will take some convincing for me to take V5 on this thing.  Caught it in perfect weather.

2) Manute Bol – V5 – Took the wave V6, felt guilty for taking this one too, so I won’t.  Feels tough for me, don’t think my body fits these moves really well… nice prob.

3) Super Mario Ext. – V6

4) Shotgun – V6 – 1/15/2012 – Awesome. First V6, and glad it was. Very fun boulder problem.

5) Ghengis Khan – V5

6) Space – V8 – SHUT UP, I do what I want

7) Two Shoes Jack – V4 – In actuality, probably at least 3 grades harder than space

8) Rage – V5 – Fell after the crux on the topout jugs of this thing yesterday (1/15), looking forward to getting back.

Horse Pens 40, AL

1) Getcha Some – V5

2) Hammerhead – V5 – 3/4/2012 – Wow.  Didn’t expect to do this thing anytime soon.

3) Mulletino to the lip – V4/5 – 1/6/2012 – “George, did you take V5 on your scorecard?” You will ask, and I will say “Yes, but then I went back and changed it to 4/5 cause I felt guilty”.  Glad to have it done, not worth whatever it did to my shoulder. OUCH

4) Trick or Treat – V6 – Can’t win it if ye ain’t in it SON!

5) Mortal Kombat – V4

6) Boogey Wonderland – V4 – 3/4/2012 – Still couldn’t tell you how I ended up on top of this thing.  Ridiculous

7) Uniball – V4

8) Green Lantern – V3 – 1/6/2012 – One hard arse V3

9) Orca – V3 – 3/4/2012 – Finally felt like V3

10) Horsepower – V3 – 3/4/2012 – Didn’t feel even remotely like V3, maybe V6?

11) Popeye – V5

Boone, NC

1) West Texas – V3

2) Pullin Teeth – V4 – 8/21/2012 – Feels like V5. Hard and a nice gauge of how my finger’s (hopefully) going to hold up this season.

3) Mighty Mouse – V5 – Ambitions

4) Haptos – V4

5) Patio Arete – V4

6) M1 – V3 – Scares the nuts off of me, I hate rockovers

7) Nitrous Oxide – V5

8) Throttle – V5 – Would mark a bigtime progression for me.  Really want to do this one.

9) The Fin – V5 – Got close on this one, just couldn’t keep it together to finish.

Rumbling Bald, NC

1) Lewis Lunge – V5

2) The Sail – V4

3) Pit BBQ – V6

4) Grease Pit – V5 2/18/2012 – Can’t take 6 on this thing… feels every bit of V5 to me though.  Lewis Lunge is hard…

5) Brackish One – V4

6) Slave Driver – V3 – 1/4/2012 – Can’t decide if this or Genesis is the hardest V3 of all time

7) Campus Problem – V5

Hueco Tanks

1) Sign of the Cross – V3 – Hueco Tanks, should go without saying.  Need to do this if I go back…

2) Moonshine Roof – V4 – Will also be a major goal if I make it back to Hueco this year.

3) Bodysnatchers – V4

4) Lobster Claw – V5 – Would be nice to send V5 in Hueco, though it doesn’t seem likely.

5) Wicicala Cave – V5

6) Ghetto Simulator – V2 – Didn’t walk down to this one last trip, need to make sure it happens this year.

7) T- Bone Shuffle – V4

8) Jingus Bells – V5- Not sure how my balls will feel when I’m standing under this one, but it looks incredible.

Other Stuff

1) Riverfront – V5 – At Cumberland, one of the prettiest problems I’ve ever seen…

I plan to add/tick from this list as new problems come and (hopefully) go.  This is more for myself than for the 2 people reading this, but who knows, maybe this list will get someone else psyched to hit up these areas and try these problems.


2 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

  1. caleb says:

    grease pit – v3/4…
    colt 45 – v7? – should definitely be on your list for blowing rock

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