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Mulletino Vidya

Here’s a vid of me sending mulletino to the lip/thrashing my shoulder.

Nice to cross a roof problem off the list, I hate steep climbing. Did this one for Ouyang. Ended up having a really good day that trip, finally finished off Green Lantern (which is probably the same difficulty as Mulletino) and repeat some of the harder stuff I’d done there in the past. Still waiting on that cold weather though, it was still in the 60’s during the hot parts of the day this weekend…


I Sent Millipede and None of my Strong Friends Can Do It

Let the record show that George Evans is the greatest rock climber of all time, also that Taylor McNeill and Doug Ianuario suck.  Don’t worry, I won’t let this send go to my head.

New Years Resolutions

1) Quit peeing out of my butt (probably due to drinking expired milk and eating dumpster pizza, mmmmm).
2) Climb some new boulder problems. Unfortunately, I was absent minded enough to delete my old blog without copying over the long list of boulders I wanted to climb. That list has changed a bit anyway, so here’s a bit of an updated wish list:

Rocktown, GA

1) Golden Shower – V5 – Great problem. Glad to have done it. Probably more like 4/5, but took a lot of effort from me regardless. Really pretty face.

2) Soap on a Rope – V4

3) Island of Beautiful Women – V3/4?

4) Pythagorean Theorem – V5

5) Nose Candy – V6

Stone Fort, TN

1) The Wave   – V6 – So psyched to tick this one off.  It will take some convincing for me to take V5 on this thing.  Caught it in perfect weather.

2) Manute Bol – V5 – Took the wave V6, felt guilty for taking this one too, so I won’t.  Feels tough for me, don’t think my body fits these moves really well… nice prob.

3) Super Mario Ext. – V6

4) Shotgun – V6 – 1/15/2012 – Awesome. First V6, and glad it was. Very fun boulder problem.

5) Ghengis Khan – V5

6) Space – V8 – SHUT UP, I do what I want

7) Two Shoes Jack – V4 – In actuality, probably at least 3 grades harder than space

8) Rage – V5 – Fell after the crux on the topout jugs of this thing yesterday (1/15), looking forward to getting back.

Horse Pens 40, AL

1) Getcha Some – V5

2) Hammerhead – V5 – 3/4/2012 – Wow.  Didn’t expect to do this thing anytime soon.

3) Mulletino to the lip – V4/5 – 1/6/2012 – “George, did you take V5 on your scorecard?” You will ask, and I will say “Yes, but then I went back and changed it to 4/5 cause I felt guilty”.  Glad to have it done, not worth whatever it did to my shoulder. OUCH

4) Trick or Treat – V6 – Can’t win it if ye ain’t in it SON!

5) Mortal Kombat – V4

6) Boogey Wonderland – V4 – 3/4/2012 – Still couldn’t tell you how I ended up on top of this thing.  Ridiculous

7) Uniball – V4

8) Green Lantern – V3 – 1/6/2012 – One hard arse V3

9) Orca – V3 – 3/4/2012 – Finally felt like V3

10) Horsepower – V3 – 3/4/2012 – Didn’t feel even remotely like V3, maybe V6?

11) Popeye – V5

Boone, NC

1) West Texas – V3

2) Pullin Teeth – V4 – 8/21/2012 – Feels like V5. Hard and a nice gauge of how my finger’s (hopefully) going to hold up this season.

3) Mighty Mouse – V5 – Ambitions

4) Haptos – V4

5) Patio Arete – V4

6) M1 – V3 – Scares the nuts off of me, I hate rockovers

7) Nitrous Oxide – V5

8) Throttle – V5 – Would mark a bigtime progression for me.  Really want to do this one.

9) The Fin – V5 – Got close on this one, just couldn’t keep it together to finish.

Rumbling Bald, NC

1) Lewis Lunge – V5

2) The Sail – V4

3) Pit BBQ – V6

4) Grease Pit – V5 2/18/2012 – Can’t take 6 on this thing… feels every bit of V5 to me though.  Lewis Lunge is hard…

5) Brackish One – V4

6) Slave Driver – V3 – 1/4/2012 – Can’t decide if this or Genesis is the hardest V3 of all time

7) Campus Problem – V5

Hueco Tanks

1) Sign of the Cross – V3 – Hueco Tanks, should go without saying.  Need to do this if I go back…

2) Moonshine Roof – V4 – Will also be a major goal if I make it back to Hueco this year.

3) Bodysnatchers – V4

4) Lobster Claw – V5 – Would be nice to send V5 in Hueco, though it doesn’t seem likely.

5) Wicicala Cave – V5

6) Ghetto Simulator – V2 – Didn’t walk down to this one last trip, need to make sure it happens this year.

7) T- Bone Shuffle – V4

8) Jingus Bells – V5- Not sure how my balls will feel when I’m standing under this one, but it looks incredible.

Other Stuff

1) Riverfront – V5 – At Cumberland, one of the prettiest problems I’ve ever seen…

I plan to add/tick from this list as new problems come and (hopefully) go.  This is more for myself than for the 2 people reading this, but who knows, maybe this list will get someone else psyched to hit up these areas and try these problems.

God Module Video

Here’s the video of Doug doing God Module (V11).  I thought about dragging it out a whole bunch with him taking like 9 thousand falls, crying, throwing his chalk bag, etc. but decided to keep it simple and throw a good jam over a few close burns and the send footy.  “Mom, Doug told me everything!!!”

Nice work, SON!