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Another Vidya

Still playing catch-up with all the footage I have from the past few weeks… here’s a quick one of Doug on the Vagina (V8) at Rocktown.  Sorry about the poor quality/lack of effort put into this vid.  He hooked it up pretty quick that day, barely had time to get my camera out.  Looking forward to climbing a lot in the next couple of weeks.  Merry Christmas! 



Delayed Update… and Triple Crown Vid!

I might as well begin this one with the typical apology for taking so long to get a post up.  School kinda took over during the course of the last few weeks (and as such, ended up going pretty well, so I don’t feel all that bad about neglecting my blog).  However, I will attempt to regain your affection with the posting of a video.  Climbers love that stuff.

A lot has happened since the last time I posted, I’ll throw it in bullet format to keep things brief:

  • 1st and foremost, Doug Ianuario climbed God Module!  This was a long time coming, glad I could be there when it went down.
  • The same day, I managed to put down Millipede for my first of the V5 grade at HP40, which offered some serious psyche for the rest of the day, when I managed to put down a few more projects in the Thespian, Spirit, and Man with the Slow Hand, all of which are well worth doing. 
  • I’ve made a handful of trips up to the local spots in the upstate and managed to put up a couple of new ones (Awk Hawk V3 and Delayed Gratification V2), of semi-decent quality.  Also, a friend of mine, Ben Case, came up and put up a line of his own, French Press (V2/3) on a nice, big standalone boulder tucked away up in the hills of S.C. which is also home to Delayed Gratification.  
  • We’ve made 2 or 3(?) trips to Rocktown, where Doug is painfully close on The Womb (V10), Adam is falling off the lip of Pulling Tubes (V6), and I’m punting off the last move of Golden Shower (V5).  A promising trip should be somewhere in the near future, as Doug also made some good progress on Golden Harvest (V10).  On the upside of the Rocktown trips, I did manage to do the ultra classic Scoop Direct (V14-) last time I was there for my proudest ascent to date.  Not sure if this is a first ascent, but it’s definitely one of Rocktown’s best, we’ll have to get  someone strong out there to see what they think.  Maybe if Doug does more abs/pullups/develops his technique he’ll be able to squeak out a repeat.
  • Doug did the Orb and the Vagina (both Rocktown V8’s) and I peaced out the hyper-classic Super Mario Bros. (V4) and hyper-soft Sternum (V5/8) at Little Rock City. 

As far as videos to look for in the future, I have UNCUT FOOTAGE of the Millipede, God Module, Vagina, and Awk Hawk sends, though unfortunately I lack footy of the Scoop Direct.  I’ll have to make a repeat when Chuck Fry-big-up Productions decides to document PressItOut’s movement to the forefront of the climbing news community.

At the moment, I’m kicking back at the Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala, getting amped up for 3 days of sailfishing, overeating, and general Evans-family-guy-antics.  Should be a blast!  To be followed with a few weeks of climbing climbing climbing.  Very excited about the season.

Happy trails.