Monthly Archives: November 2011

Last Leg of Triple Crown

This will be a quick one. None of us had a particularly good comp day as far as score cards go (except for Austin Ouyang, who crushed everything he got his hands on), but everybody managed to climb something new or make progress on something. I put down Centerpede pretty quickly with the cool(ish) temps. Still waiting on a day with some 40-50 deg temps. Finally starting to feel like I can climb V4. Adam did Out of the Box for his second V6 at HP40. Doug latched the first move on God Module consistently. The psyche is high lately.

As far as the finger goes, it still bothers me a pretty good bit in the gym, but doesn’t seem to be aggravated by the big open handed slopers we’ve been climbing on outside. Definitely feeling steady improvement on it.

Adam took a bunch of pics and video, so be looking for that in the near future. Next on the list is a return trip to Rocktown, hopefully. Happy trails.


A Few Upstate Classics

Here’s a quick video of some of the classics from the upstate of South Carolina. Come out to the Table Rock Adopt a Crag December 10th!

Weather has been incredible all week, third leg of the Triple Crown this weekend!