Fall Break at Horse Pens

This weekend marked our first “cool weather” trip to HP40 of the season.

I put the words “cool weather” in quotes because it was 70-something instead of 90-something out.  Still not ideal, but not unmanageable either.  We went down with a good crew, consisting of myself, Adam, Doug, Dale, Sarah, Beth Ann (AKA B.A. Baracus), and Kristin (who drives a car with a pink Browning sticker on it).

We rolled in late Friday night and started the now ritual procedures involved with a weekend at Horse Pens:

1. B.S. around the campfire (or lantern if there’s 8 zillion people from Florida State overtaking the campground) until we fall asleep.

2. Wake up and high-tail it to Huddle House to hang out with the locals and shovel big house platters down our gullets.

3. Head back to Horse Pens and prep for the day.

4. Warm up at Ten Pins and make our way into the field, realizing that Huddle House was a bad choice.

5. Finish the day having sent everything in the field wrecked our tips (and in Doug’s case, worn them down to straight bone).

6. Make our way to Mi Casita to listen to Mi-Casita-oke (bad country karaoke) and eat Cowboy Quesadillas (a feast that can bring any grown man to his knees in tears, a pound of justice, if you will).

This weekend everybody managed a solid send or two.  I’ll try to keep it brief and close up the post with some pics and a vid.

Adam: Old Man Johnson has done pretty much everything at Horse Pens already, but he repeated Hammerhead (V5) and managed to find a new send in Orca (V3) which was found to be super classic a rarely done gem a very goofy boulder problem.

Dale: Also sent Orca, pulled off a send of Hammerhead (worse than orca, according to Dale), as well as putting down the classic Earth Wind and Fire (V3) and a couple other easy (for him) problems such as Brawn (V3), Honky Tonkin’ (V4) and this really cool thing left of Genesis that’s not in the guidebook (at least not as an un-eliminate).

Doug: Doug pretty much came into this trip with the worst looking fingertips of all time, but somehow managed to repeat Litz Pocket Problem (V8) for the video and get some work done on Suspicion (V8) and Message from the Masters (V8) which he’ll do in cooler weather.

Sarah, B.A. Baracus, and Kristin all cruised up the Groove problems around the corner from Honky Tonkin’ as well as putting down sends of Silky (V0), the super fun problem at Ten Pins.

As for myself, I finally put down Genesis (V3), which had been manhandling me for some time now, as well as the Beach (V4), Brawn (V3), Red Arrow (V3), and the Sandbox (V2), easily my proudest send of all time.  The king line, the line beckoning to be climbed.  I also demolished my forearms scrambling trying to send Orca (no go) and made some progress on Centerpede, which should go when it’s a bit cooler.

I’m thinking of taking up a bit of a new hobby in photography if I can figure it out.  Here’s a few of my first shots that I snapped with Adam’s cameras (thanks bruh) to test the waters.

Doug on Message from the Masters (V8)

Austin Ouyang (who we met on the trip) sending Suspicion (V8)

Dale, doing something (V16)

And here’s a little vid of the unknown thing next to Genesis, Genesis, and Litz Pocket Problem.

(p.s. it will look better in HD on vimeo!)

Happy trails.


One thought on “Fall Break at Horse Pens

  1. Brad Caldwell says:

    Sounds like a blast! Congrats on sending Genesis…that’s still a HP40 project for me. And Orca is one of my favs there too.

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