Psyche is High

Yesterday was the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown at The Stone Fort/LRC. 

And it ended up being a pretty awesome trip for all involved.  Sure the temps left a bit to be desired, but I’ll take 75 and sunny over 35 and sleeting any day of the week.  It was also nice to get to climb the problems on the 18th hole, big ups to the organizers for arranging that yesterday.  It was really cool to be able to climb problems we only get one shot at a year.

Strangely enough, the temps didn’t seem to keep anybody (at least from the Clemson crew) from having the best days we’ve ever had outside. I’ll try to piece together the crew’s scorecard (at least the new stuff) as well as I can… but I’m pretty much guaranteed to leave some stuff out.

Doug managed to win men’s advanced, obtain some swag, and pull off a ninja-roll/high-kick/bruce-banner-shirt-rip combo on stage with my favorite shirt.  He pieced together a very impressive scorecard ticking off Robbin the Toothfairy (V9), Dr. Atkinson (V8), and Blind Spot (V7), as well as a flash of Now and Zen (V7).  I can’t recall exactly what the rest of his scorecard was made up of, but I’m sure it was worthy, as evidenced by his skin.

Adam put down Frumundathunda, Rage, Sternum, and The Coven (all V5’s) as well as repeating Super Mario (V4), Midway (V7), and Shotgun (V6), and a handful of others (which was enough to get him bumped from intermediate).

Dale (soon to be Dr. Dale), sent his project, A Face in the Crowd Sit (V7) really quickly.  He also did Diesel Power (V5/6?) and repeated Shotgun (V6), and a whole bunch of V5’s (as well as sending some new ones, though I can’t remember what all he did…).

I also ended up climbing substantially better than I thought I would.  I picked up some anti-inflammatory pills prescribed for my little finger tweak and apparently they did the trick.  I ended the day with 12 new boulder problems (I’ll let my spraycard fill you in) as well as a few repeats.  The highlight of the day for me was my flash of The Coven (V5), a cool horse pens-esque problem on the 18th hole, which was open only for the comp.  I’m sure it’s soft, but it seemed to suit me pretty well, so who knows.  Guess I can’t whine about the finger anymore or I’ll end up with landscaping duty.

I feel like I should apologize for the lack of media from the triple crown, but I won’t because I think rock climbing is more fun than making movies.  Hopefully the stupid links in my post make up for my laziness.

Looking forward to Horse Pens, happy trails.


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